Why do I give? I was not born a giver, but have become one over time. Now giving is a priority in my life. Continue reading


Cash Envelopes

If you think that using cash envelopes is old fashioned, you are right. Using a budget and putting the money for each category into an envelope marked for that category has been used for generations. I want you to know that, in this case, “old school” is awesome! Continue reading


The dreaded B-word!!! We all talk about being on a budget, but talk and action are often two different things. A budget is a spending plan. You plan how you will spend your money, before you spend it. Continue reading


As Americans we are the most marketed to society in history. One of the items we are sold intensely is debt. Continue reading

God Owns It All

This is the most important concept in Biblical financial management. In Psalm 50:10,11 ( for every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills. I know every bird in the mountains, and the creatures of the field are mine.) God tells us that he owns it all. He also owns the hills, mountains, and fields. God has chosen us as managers (stewards) of his possessions. Continue reading


Being content where you are and with what you have is biblical. It is not the way the people around us act. Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to my first blog! I’m not sure what all will end being included here, but this is probably the only form of journaling that I am likely to continue doing. I have tried paper journals, but never been successful in continuing to use them. Continue reading