My Dad Is My Superman

He is strong. He persevered through a physically challenging job at a coal mine to put food on our table, clothes on our backs, and a roof over our head. He paid for my college as well. I don’t think he enjoyed this job at the mine, but he was good at it. In my mind, he was the best worker the mine had ever seen.

He is intelligent. He is not a reader of books, but can read any schematic you give him. He can quickly diagnose a problem and figure out a way to get it working again. He is able to do this even if the proper parts and tools aren’t available. His ingenuity has always amazed me. I’m glad to have him to help and guide me. He has taught me more than he knows and has given me the confidence to attack the problems that arise in my house. He is also a fount of trivial knowledge. Don’t play against him in Trivial Pursuit or Clue.

He is kind. This may be his greatest attribute. I remember many times the phone would ring and someone somewhere needed help. They were without heat or electricity or any other of a long list of problems. Dad was off in a flash with tool belt in hand. Some might complain that this was time lost with Dad, but I remember them fondly. My dad can fix anything and rescue anyone. My Superman!

He is funny. He is always quick with a comeback. Sarcasm is a gift for him. I have always aspired to be as quick witted as he is. I’ll let you know when I get there. I’m not the only one on this track, his grandson, Kyle, is showing signs that the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. His sense of humor has endeared him to his many friends.

He is friendly. I know this because he has more friends than I can count. We can’t go anywhere without seeing someone he knows and they can’t wait to come over and say something to him. I can see how much his friendship means to others. I love the friendship that he and I now have that I’m an adult.

He is diligent. The worst sin that someone could commit in my dad’s eyes is laziness. I heard about this many times growing up. I don’t think he looks at me as lazy now and that is a testament to him raising me. I hope that I can instill even a small portion of his work ethic into my children.

He is faithful. He and Mom have been married over 40 years. Not only is he faithful in his marriage (an excellent role model for me), but he is faithful in doing what he says he will do. Telling the truth is mandatory in his world. Being a hypocrite may be the second worse sin in Dad’s eyes.

The only chink in his armor was tobacco. This is his Kryptonite. I believe this contributed to his heart attack and his cancer. The way he battled the heart attack and subsequent surgery is testament to his strength. It may have slowed him down, but it couldn’t stop him. I don’t expect the cancer to stop him either.

He may not be able to leap tall buildings, run faster than a speeding bullet, or be more powerful than a locomotive, but to me, my dad is Superman!


2 Responses

  1. Great Blog! Thanks. I’ll continue to pray for him.

  2. I came across your blog this AM and hope 2010 has
    been a better year for your family. My grandmother was
    Wilhelmine, daughter of Frederick Wilhelm. I know
    your mother from our family reunions, which I try to
    attend each year. Maybe I will meet your family there

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