Grandpa Roy

I will always remember my grandpa fondly. My earliest memories are him tickling me unmercifully. I never had any doubt that I was cherished and loved. As I grew older I could see the man he was, the role model. Just a few days before his death, he once again reiterated that, although he may get older, he refuses to grow up. Grandpa was a unique mix though. He was always taking risks and pushing the limits, but he was loyal and dedicated to his wife, family, and friends. He never slowed down. He climbed up in a tree with a chain saw in his 70’s and cut it down. His last time driving a car was at over 110 mph.

You always knew where you stood with him. He never pulled a punch. I am so glad to have a son very much like him. Although grandpa has gone on ahead, I still have some of him in me and I can see it in my children. For both Grandpa and I the world is black and white. There is wrong and there is right, and not much in-between. We can argue whether or not that is right, but that is the way we were built.

I still remember taking every opportunity to watch IU games with him and grandma. I loved having that special time with them.

Grandpa was driven. Whatever he did, he did to the best of his God-given talent. From work at the mine, to woodworking, to his work at the Lodge, he always wanted to excel. He also admired this character in others. I learned this from his dedication following Larry Bird.

Grandpa was a generous man. I never went back to college after a weekend home without some spending money. There were many times I didn’t need it, but he always insisted. I know he was proud of me and all his grandchildren. I have no doubt that the four of us made him proud. He also gave countless hours of time to the Spurgeon Park and to the Masonic Lodge.

Grandpa loved his great-grandchildren too. I will never forget Grandpa on the floor with then 2 year old Kyle, hiding under a blanket. Grandpa would try to quit and Kyle would, say “Hide Grandpa Hide”, then they would go under the blanket once again.

I am going to miss him very much.


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