Dad and hospice

It looks like my Superman is about to experience super peace. Dad’s lung cancer has defied all treatment and he has now entered hospice care. He is at home with Mom. He is pleasantly confused and very weak, but not in any pain.

Dad and I were talking a few weeks ago and he told me a great story. He has having a heart cath done and died on the table. He was shocked back to life a short time later. He was mad that he was brought back to life, because during that brief time he said he felt completely peaceful. He was amazed at how peaceful he felt. I’m sure he felt the “Peace beyond all understanding”. He then told me he was not afraid of dying because he knows what is to come. This is also when he shared with me his private relationship with Jesus. What a blessing to learn this about Dad.

Today a minister stopped by to visit with Dad and in one of his more lucid moments we took communion. This was Dad’s first communion! He has never felt worthy to take communion before. We were able to share scripture with him and explain in more detail what it really means and he wanted to take it. My mom and I had the privilege of sharing communion with him. What an amazing experience! My kids and wife were there to experience this and the prayers. What a wonderful thing God gave us today!


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