The loss of my Dad earlier this year has really got me to thinking.

Dad was so proud of my sister and I.  He also had “adopted” many of his friends kids.  He loved them and cherished them almost like they were his own.  He would brag on them and us to anyone who would listen.  He would do anything for any of us.  He would drop what he was doing and come running.  To this day the thing that reminds me most of his passing is when I need to call him for help.  Dad was so wise and good at sharing his wisdom.  He could fix anything from heating and air to electrical to cars to plumbing.  He was a master woodworker.


As I was deeply missing him today, I began to reflect on the man he was and the influence he had in my life.  As the tears began to flow, God showed me the picture of Christ that Dad was.  Dad wasn’t a deeply spiritual man, but his actions showed who he really was.  Dad walked the walk, but almost never talked the talk.  I look back at the qualities Dad had and I can  see God shining through him.  God is so proud of me,  He loves every one of His children.  God brags on His kids (Job).  He will give us what we ask for.  He is wise and can fix anything.  His son was a carpenter.


Thank you God for a father that represented you so well.  Thank you for the reminder that I need to call on you for help when I’m in need.


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