Family Mission Statement

My wife and I went to a Family Ministry Conference last year.  I was just going over my notes and thought I would blog on it.  Basically this speaker laid out the most succinct way to form a family mission statement.We need to not only know what our mission is, we also need to set goals and have plans to accomplish our mission.  Your mission is where God would have you go.  The example from the speaker, “We will support, love, and encourage one another and those God brings into our lives.”

We start forming our mission statement by looking into the values of our family.  This will help us look at who we are individually, as a couple, and as a family.

First we look at experiences that has shaped our values.  List them and what character traits these brought out.

Next look at our spiritual gifts and how these play into our family.

Be sure to have the kids weigh in.  Ask them some of their favorite memories or experiences.

Combine all this into a mission statement.  Post this in your house.  I would also recommend finding a Bible verse or two that exemplify your mission.

Lastly form some goals and action steps that you, as a family, will do to conform to your mission.


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  1. Great idea! We have been saying we need to create some kind of values statement for the family. The other thing that we are looking at doing is conducting a family study series titled ‘what WE believe and why WE believe it.’ This is becoming more critical as the kids get older, because once they head off to college chances are good that someone else will put to question these beliefs (even if a Christian college).


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