My last word on Contentment

I have written two other blog post on contentment.  These have fleshed out some of my thinking on contentment.  I think where I got messed up initially on contentment was putting it on the wrong continuum.  Initially I thought the opposite of contentment was ambition.  I now see contentment  and ambition on two different continuum.I think contentment’s opposite is misery and ambition’s opposite is laziness.  Now I can be content and ambitious at the same time!  This what always made sense, but I couldn’t make the logic work…until now.  Being content has nothing to do with one’s ambition.  I can be ambitiously striving for what’s next in my life (whatever God has planned for me) and I can be content that God is in control.  There is no disconnect there.  I can  ambitiously strive for God’s plan in my life and be content that I’m in his will


2 Responses

  1. I tend to think the opposite of ambition can also sometimes be fear or depression (demoralization). Sometimes, people just can’t engage and it seems less like a choice for them than it does for those who plain just don’t want to do more than is required.

    This is probably way out of context with the initial post (I didn’t know you had a blog until now!) but just some follow-on thoughts I had regarding this specific post.

  2. Thanks for taking time to comment! I don’t get very many. I see your point. I was speaking more of me personally and not society in general. I can see how fear and depression could play a role. I just don’t have much of either.

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