The Pendulum

I’ve recently have come to see the ebbs and flows of my life as a pendulum.  I get pulled one way and then another.  I see God as the center, and my goal is to stop swinging and be in perfect alignment with Him.  I realize that this is unattainable in this life, but my goal is to get closer.  Let me give you an example:The first time I saw this happening was about 10 years ago.  After years of studying biology, chemistry, and medicine I had become firmly entrenched in “The Theory of Evolution”.  God lifted the veil from eyes and revealed himself to me (slowly, thankfully).  I began to use all the tools I had learned is school and applied them to the comparison of Creation and Evolution.  As I began to see that the evidence pointed toward a creator, then pendulum began to swing.  The pendulum had a lot of momentum!  I swung way over to the other side.  I became a literal 6 day creationist and if you didn’t believe in that you were naive.  Neither of these extremes are healthy.  The center, being closer to God, is the healthiest place to be.  There are many other examples of this pendulum effect in my life.  Stay tuned for further blog posts.


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