church vs. Church

The latest and most dramatic swing of the my pendulum has been my view of Church.  I “came to Christ” or better stated He revealed himself to me almost 10 years ago.  My family and I have gone to the same church for the 10 years.  I was curious though, to see what else was out there. During the time my wife was on staff at the church the opportunity to hang out at other churches was minimal.  When she resigned from the staff that gave me the opportunity to see what else was out there.  I had a hard time separating myself from that church home, but God began showing me that His Church is much bigger than any building.  I had known this was true, but it became loud and clear.  Through various conversations with those wiser than me I began to have a desire to serve and do my part in God’s “Capital C” Church, whether I belonged to a “little c” church or not.  This is where the pendulum really began to swing.  For a while my pendulum swung far the other way, again.  I developed a desire not to be part of a church.  I was quick to point out all the flaws and problems and became quite pious in my views toward organized religion.  In seeking an alternative my family and I became a part of a home church.  This has been an awesome experience.  God has taught me much through this.  I see that I had outsourced my Christianity to the church, instead of listening for God.  Now, without the church in my life I must seek out God, mentors, elders from the Church (note the capital).  I have always had trouble getting things from my brain into my heart.  I really believe that this season is getting me closer to God.  As the pendulum swings back down toward the center again I can see value in “little c” churches.  There are things a church can do for the Kingdom that would be very difficult in a home church.  I’m relishing this time where God is teaching me more about His Church and  himself.  We may end up with a church home again someday, but for now my God, my home church, and my mentors are enough for me.


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