Who Am I?

I recently took a day long course on Spiritual DNA.  It’s design was for us to take 5 different assessments and then to compile that data into a picture of how God made us.  I’m writing this blog piece to try to make some sense of my results.  Those of you who know me, feel free to comment.  I’m also interested in what someone who stumbles on this data would make of it, especially if you don’t know me personally.The first assessment was based on “Sacred Pathways” by Gary Thomas.  He has come up with 9 different ways people relate to God.  My top three in order are: Intellectual, Naturalist, Activist.  I feel closest to God when I first learn something new about Him.  I love study concepts and argue doctrine.  Faith is to be understood as much as experienced.  The temptation here is to know but not do and to become proud.  The controversy and debate can be devoid of love.  I do struggle with this.  Sometimes the debate is more important than the idea.  As a naturalist, I can learn and commune more with God by sitting on a rock by a river than in an average sermon.  I have not fallen into the temptation to worship nature.  The activist in me wants to worship by standing against evil and through Justice.  This is not as strong in me as the other two, but there is some truth here.

The next assessment was a Myers-Briggs personality test.  I’m an ISTJ.  I’m a “high functioning” introvert.  I love to be with people, but I get my strength from alone time.  I think I blew sensing, thinking, and judging off the charts.  I’m practical, matter-of-fact, realistic, and dependable.  I’m logical and can work through distractions.

The role we play in this life comes out of the 5-fold ministry questionnaire.  This is from Ephesians 4:1-16.  I tested highest in Teaching and Evangelism.  I see myself more as a teacher, but I tend to teach with an exhorting style.  I sell you on the product!  So maybe I’m an evangelistic teacher.  I have very little shepherd, apostle, and prophet in me.

The next assessment was on spiritual gifts.  I had 5 that were close to the top.  Here they are in order:  exhortation, administration, teaching, giving, prophecy.  I think the prophecy snuck in there because of my analytical and intellectual bent.  I think I’m able to predict based on data not on hearing from God.  Maybe I hear from God in the details.  I would like to think that.  I can definitely see the exhortation.  I once thought that I was a teacher through and through, but I realize now that I teach through exhortation.  Once I’m convinced of something I can sell it and encourage you to understand it well.  I also like to think I’m good at making things easy to understand.

The last assessment was from “Strengths Finder”.  The idea here is that people should work on their strengths.  You can work on a weakness, but it will never be as strong as a strength.  My top five strengths were: Analytical, Activator, Learner, Communication, and Harmony.  Harmony is definitely the outsider here.  I joke that the harmony I pursue is everyone believing like me.

The final piece to the puzzle figuring out my passion.  What has God laid on my heart?  For me it is Biblical stewardship.  I love to teach people God’s ways of handling their time, talent, and treasure.  I see most things through this lens.  For example, finding and using your spiritual gifts is good stewardship of your talents.  I love to teach budgeting and proper handling of your finances, so that you can be generous to those  less fortunate.

I’m amazed at how all 5 pieces of this puzzle fit me so well.  God is amazing.  I’m sure, after looking at these assessments, that God has me where He wants me for now.  The Sacred Pathways piece is what I’m working on now.  I think to move to the next level of abiding in Him, I need to spend time with Him in the special way He created me.


2 Responses

  1. Great post, Morris. Finding out who we are and how God wired us is a great key. Putting the various tools together can be great for seeing what “rises to the surface” in each. I see a lot of this in you even though I don’t know you extremely well.

    Did you know we’ve been posting stewardship related blogs on Fridays at keynoteconnection.org. We share that same heart to provide tools for helping people along on their stewardship journeys. Would love you input on some additional resources we can offer!

  2. Renae, I posted on several stewardship topics a few years ago. If you look back in my archives to can see them. I have lots of books and websites to offer. I’ll read through some of the kenoteconnection blogs and see where I might be able to help.

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