Books that have changed the way I think

I read a fair amount, but there are a few books that I go back to.  They stand out, because they so altered my way of thinking.  I was forever changed.  These are books I recommend over and over to people in hopes that they will reap the benefits that I have gained from them.

“It Couldn’t Just Happen” by Larry Richards

This was the first in series of books that changed me from an evolutionist to a creationist.  This was my first step toward excepting Christ.  I had to believe in Genesis as much as I believed in the Gospels.  There were a few lines in this book that jumped off the page when I first read them.  These lines jolted my brain and forced me to re-evaluate all that I had been taught in my science education.

These quotes are from a section on evolution vs. Evolution.  Small e evolution is the gradually change that happens via natural selection over time to all life.  Big E evolution is the the Theory of Evolution that says that life forms develop into new species via natural selection over time.  Here are the quotes:

“The finches (Darwin’s Galapagos finches) were still finches, and the turtles were still turtles, just as the moths of England remain moths.”

“There have been thousands of generations of this fruit fly, and experiments have produced many different mutation.  Yet scientist Francis Hitching summed up the results.  ‘Fruit flies refuse to become anything but fruit flies under any circumstances yet devised.'”

“Hundreds of thousands of bacteria generations have been studied and their variations examined.  Yet never has bacteria been seen to develop into a multicelled  form.”

There is much more in this book, but these quotes were the beginning of the end of being an evolutionist for me.

The 5 Love Languages“The 5 Love Languages” – Gary Chapman

This book changed the way I see relationships.  This book is a must read for anyone who is in a relationship that would like it to be better.  I’m a much better lover of all, because of this book.  The concept is that we all use these five different love languages, but that there is usually one that we speak and hear best.  The revelation comes with understanding that if you aren’t speaking your loved one’s language they can’t understand you.  We tend to speak our love language fluently, but the others we need to learn to speak better.   The five languages are physical touch, acts of service, gifts, quality time, and words of affirmation.  Here is an example:  Let’s say your wife is acts of service and you are physical touch.  Your natural tendency would be to give hugs, back rubs, etc. to show your love.  She doesn’t speak this language so she doesn’t feel loved.  You have to find acts of service (doing the dishes, folding laundry, running errands, etc.) to do for her.  Then she will feel loved.  The reverse is true as well.  If your daughter’s love language is words of affirmation you can destroy her with criticism.  He uses the concept of a love tank that when filled helps a person become who God created them to be.  God can use you to fill someone’s love tank best by speaking their language.

This Present Darkness“This Present Darkness” – by Frank Peretti

This book changed my view of spiritual warfare.  No one knows if it is accurate at all, but it provides an image of what it could look like.  The imagery is amazing!  The story will suck you in and freak you out.  This is a very well written thriller and part of a series.  I don’t read much fiction, but this is tops on my fiction list.

The Shack“The Shack” – by Wm. Paul Young

This is a very popular Christian book over the last few years.  I reluctantly read it, as I don’t  read much fiction.  It changed they way I view the Trinity.  It gives a beautiful picture of the relationship that God wants with each of us.  It will rock you.  The character demographics have some in an uproar, but I love that it shakes up our preconceived notions.  It really lets God out of the box religion has put Him in.

The Total Money Makeover

“The Total Money Makeover ” – by Dave Ramsey

This will change the way you handle money.  Dave teaches God’s and Grandma’s ways of handling money.  This book goes over his six simple steps to gaining control over your finances.  They are not easy and they will take time.  I describe this book as 20% information and 80% motivation.  It is simply written and it will motivate you to learn more.  Ramsey has several resources to take this information further, but this is where I started and where he hooked me.  I have taught his 13 week class several times and am one of his certified counselors.

Those are my top five at the moment.  I’m consistently reading more and more.  If I find other books to add to the list I will post a book review.

What books have changed the way you think?  Please comment and let me know.  Maybe they will change my thinking all over again!


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