Family Mission Statement

My wife and I went to a Family Ministry Conference last year.  I was just going over my notes and thought I would blog on it.  Basically this speaker laid out the most succinct way to form a family mission statement. Continue reading



I just returned from my first mission trip.  My family and I went to Masatepe, Nicaragua.  Our church and a few other American churches are helping to plant a church there.  This was my first visit to a third world country.  Here are few of my observations. Continue reading

A very difficult year

This year has been very difficult.  It has been a very expensive year, both financially and personally.  My father, grandfather, and grandmother all died earlier this year.  I had to replace our furnace (only 6 years old).  My dog, Hope, developed seizures, hypothyroidism, and pancreatitis (all this year).  She spent 3 days in the ICU ($2000).  On December 1st I totaled my car.  With all this happening in one year I could wonder why I’m getting beat up.  What have I done wrong? Continue reading



The loss of my Dad earlier this year has really got me to thinking. Continue reading

A Most Difficult Week

What an awful week I have just had. Actually the whole year hasn’t been great. Let me fill you in on the events that have transpired. Continue reading

Dad and hospice

It looks like my Superman is about to experience super peace. Dad’s lung cancer has defied all treatment and he has now entered hospice care. He is at home with Mom. He is pleasantly confused and very weak, but not in any pain.

Dad and I were talking a few weeks ago and he told me a great story. Continue reading

Grandpa Roy

I will always remember my grandpa fondly. My earliest memories are him tickling me unmercifully. Continue reading