Books that have changed the way I think

I read a fair amount, but there are a few books that I go back to.  They stand out, because they so altered my way of thinking.  I was forever changed.  These are books I recommend over and over to people in hopes that they will reap the benefits that I have gained from them. Continue reading


Who Am I?

I recently took a day long course on Spiritual DNA.  It’s design was for us to take 5 different assessments and then to compile that data into a picture of how God made us.  I’m writing this blog piece to try to make some sense of my results.  Those of you who know me, feel free to comment.  I’m also interested in what someone who stumbles on this data would make of it, especially if you don’t know me personally. Continue reading

Saving Money

There are only 3 things you can do with money.  You can spend it, give it, and save it.  This post will focus on saving.  Saving seems to be a lost art in America. Continue reading

Debt can make you sick!

A friend of mine, Ken Leamer, forwarded me a very interesting article.  It is based on an AP-AOL poll.  Basically they give stats that show that the stress of being in debt leads to a higher risk of health problems. Continue reading

FICO scores

If you listen to main stream media or any number of commercials you will here about how important you FICO score is. Your FICO score is a measure lenders use to determine you ability to pay back a loan. However there are major problems with a FICO score. Continue reading


Why do I give? I was not born a giver, but have become one over time. Now giving is a priority in my life. Continue reading

Cash Envelopes

If you think that using cash envelopes is old fashioned, you are right. Using a budget and putting the money for each category into an envelope marked for that category has been used for generations. I want you to know that, in this case, “old school” is awesome! Continue reading