Family Mission Statement

My wife and I went to a Family Ministry Conference last year.  I was just going over my notes and thought I would blog on it.  Basically this speaker laid out the most succinct way to form a family mission statement. Continue reading



I just returned from my first mission trip.  My family and I went to Masatepe, Nicaragua.  Our church and a few other American churches are helping to plant a church there.  This was my first visit to a third world country.  Here are few of my observations. Continue reading

A very difficult year

This year has been very difficult.  It has been a very expensive year, both financially and personally.  My father, grandfather, and grandmother all died earlier this year.  I had to replace our furnace (only 6 years old).  My dog, Hope, developed seizures, hypothyroidism, and pancreatitis (all this year).  She spent 3 days in the ICU ($2000).  On December 1st I totaled my car.  With all this happening in one year I could wonder why I’m getting beat up.  What have I done wrong? Continue reading



The loss of my Dad earlier this year has really got me to thinking. Continue reading

Saving Money

There are only 3 things you can do with money.  You can spend it, give it, and save it.  This post will focus on saving.  Saving seems to be a lost art in America. Continue reading

Debt can make you sick!

A friend of mine, Ken Leamer, forwarded me a very interesting article.  It is based on an AP-AOL poll.  Basically they give stats that show that the stress of being in debt leads to a higher risk of health problems. Continue reading

Pharisees, Sadducees, and the Sanhedrin

We were discussing these three in my men’s bible study this morning and found that none of us really understood the differences between these 1st century Jews. We knew of them, but were unable to really tell what the differences were. This article is based on my research on the subject. I hope it brings some clarity. Continue reading