church vs. Church

The latest and most dramatic swing of the my pendulum has been my view of Church.  I “came to Christ” or better stated He revealed himself to me almost 10 years ago.  My family and I have gone to the same church for the 10 years.  I was curious though, to see what else was out there. Continue reading


The Pendulum

I’ve recently have come to see the ebbs and flows of my life as a pendulum.  I get pulled one way and then another.  I see God as the center, and my goal is to stop swinging and be in perfect alignment with Him.  I realize that this is unattainable in this life, but my goal is to get closer.  Let me give you an example: Continue reading


Why do I give? I was not born a giver, but have become one over time. Now giving is a priority in my life. Continue reading